Wilka Carvalho
Aspiring Cognitive Scientist


An app to template events in Google Calendar and measure time-availability for tasks

Calendar Templating & Time-Availability on Google Calendar

Time and Task Mangement App

A Script for logging time delegated in Google Calendar

Time-Management Google Calendar Script

Time and Task Mangement App

Final project in NLP class. Translated languages using a neural network

Neural Machine Translation

Natural Language Processing

Undergraduate project studying particle detector for heavy-ion collisions

Modeling a Particle Detector for High-Multiplicity Collision

High-Energy Nuclear Physics Research

Summer research project studying the effect of context on theory of mind

Modeling the Influence of Situational Variation on Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind Research

Summer research project simulating electrical activity in neural region associated with Parkinson's disease

Modeling Deep Brain Stimulation of Globus Palidus Internus

Neural Engineering Research


Fun essay arguing for nomos over logos for a justice system

Creating a Justice System: “truth” as a Means, not an End


An essay that first inspired me to study the mind.

What is the Locus of the person?

Philosphy of Mind


I just have to listen.

To my brain: you don't have to tell me your secrets

August 28, 2016

brain, introspection

Our subjectivity.

Our Loci

April 24, 2013


The beautiful brain.

A Physicist Enamored by the Brain

February 14, 2013

physics, brain

True friendship is coexistence.

What describes friendship better than Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle?

February 02, 2013

physics, friendship, perception

My perfect world.


November 29, 2012

perception, introspection