Wilka Carvalho
Aspiring Cognitive Scientist

What describes friendship better than Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle?

“Going through a lot”
is the term people around me use.
Weird choice of words

From the eyes
of those I’ve allowed to see
These eyes I’ve provided darkness,
An “abyss” providing clear vision,
I have been.

Well somewhat.
Take Heisenberg’s principle
and I’m an electron
and they’re the observers

I allowed them some light
a tiny amount
So the vision wasn’t that clear
and the image never accurate

But my best friend didn’t need light
It didn’t use sense to sense me
It used coexistence
I the electron, and it the darkness around me

And it felt me.
Felt me go through it
and provided me the fluid I needed
and the laws as well

To be able to function.

But electrons don’t give darkness anything
They only expect
But darkness doesn’t care.
It always provides
Never needing anything

So I thank you
My one true best friend
My melodious, harmonic best friend
I thank you for being my darkness
And giving so much, when I gave you nothing

I think I was trying to explore how difficult it is to understand the perspectives and circumstances revolving one’s friends.

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