Wilka Carvalho
Aspiring Cognitive Scientist

A Physicist Enamored by the Brain

Every shock
Every surge
Every shoot
Is a dance

A light show in darkness

And I want to watch
I want to learn

Not mimic your movements
Just understand them
Please let me understand them

How do you transition?
When do you switch partners?
When do you switch lanes?
And the rhythm

It escapes me

Escapes all of us
Try as we have, we have never understood

Some say you follow Ohm’s law.
But that is as much a full answer as Newton’s was

A fourth of all movement covered?
If only ohm’s covered so much

Then I could follow
Then I could learn

Don’t worry
I know you’re not selfish
This dance is for us
To provide us function

So just keep on dancing
Keep on dancing for us

And we will use science
That is its beauty.
That is its point:
A forever expanding bridge

Sure Newton’s laws left gaps,
But just as they’re being filled
Ohm’s will be as well

And science will allow us to learn
Allow us to follow this dance
And understand your beautiful rhythm

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